Friday, April 13, 2007

"Entre Deux Mers" Highway

This is the East part of the highway called "Entre Deux Mers".
It links Bordeaux to Narbonne from Atlanic Ocean to Mediterranean Sea, so that why it's called "Entre Deux Mers" or "Between Two Seas".
Mostly used during holidays.
It passes nearby Baziege, sometimes we can hear it as background noise when we're in the garden and there is a specific wind, but it's another story.


RamblingRound said...

How did you get this shot...from an overpass?

M.Benaut said...

M. PaB,
Je suis très désolé, mais, je ne peux pas voir votre photo d'autoroute sur votre Blog. Il est seulement visible sur la liste du Bloggers

pab said...

2 answers in the same comment :
- yes, I shot it from an overpass
- I re-published the picture this morning

2 réponses dans le même commentaire :
- oui, je pris cette photo depuis un pont sur l'autoroute
- j'ai re-publié l'image ce matin


M.Benaut said...

Wow, I really love the French countryside. There is so much fabulous scenery, and thanks for fixing the photo, it was worth it.