Sunday, February 03, 2008

It's Chandeleur, it's Crêpes

I have one day late but never mind here are the Crêpes I did on the 2nd of February which is named Chandeleur.
Did you also cooked these tasteful thin Crêpes for your family ?
(Just ask for the recipe)
What do you put in it ? Melted chocolate, jam, sugar
Here we all vote for melted chocolate !!!

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Mandy said...

maple syrup
vanilla icecream

these are a few of my favourite fillings

Ham said...

Interesting, they looks very much more like the pancakes we make, rather than the galletes, which use a different batter. Our pancake day - shrove Tuesday is today.

Ma recette:
125g farine
125ml+ eau
125ml lait
1 oeuf
pince du sel

Lezard said...

Gosh! I had forgotten it was on 2 February... I need to catch up this week with the kids.
My secret for even more tasteful pancakes : replace some of the milk by ...... creme fraiche, and add some cointreau!!!!!!! Enjoy it!

Kris McCracken said...

It would be very nice with raspberries.