Sunday, October 14, 2007

Torture Rack

I've found this Torture Rack in the hall of Black Prince in the basement of the Musée Ingres at Montauban.

I have been tagged by Bergson from Chateaubriant Daily Photo. ;-) to Bergson.

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Here's 8 Random Facts about me:
  1. I like to cook
  2. I try to bike along the canal every week
  3. I plan another home exchange for 2008
  4. I like to take plane even if it's not good for earth
  5. My father misses me
  6. Daily City Photoblog is becoming a virus for me
  7. I wonder where will take place the Christmas diner !
  8. I hope my sister will succeed her baccalauréat (A-levels).
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  7. Pusa from i heart manila
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Fénix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

"Indeed, a person stretched on the rack presented the ultimate spectacle of the body in pain." Brrrr! :(

Thanks for thinking of me, PaB, I really appreciate it! :)

But I don't like memes, so I shall respectfully decline.

Neva said...

Torture rack....indeed...glad they don't use these anymore!!!!

Karlis Beinerts said...

Your photos are very good, man! Especially I appreciate the themes day photo on 1st of October, cause it is the most positive of all I had seen.

pusa said...

uh oh, i'd been tagged =)

btw, these torture racks are scary!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Wow!! Quite the photos and information about the torture devices.

Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog!

Anonymous said...

I am not going to be original this time, so all I am going to say that your blog rocks, sad that I don't have suck a writing skills