Friday, June 15, 2007

Nouillorc, Nouillorc

There is an funny advertising campaign for the SNCF (French Railways).
They have shot false City roadsign with Frenchified city name as in this example : Nouillorc for New York.
What is very funny also is that the main city here is Toulouse and it's also a wordplay in English : to lose.
Edit 16/06/07 : in fact,
SNCF (French Railways) has its own travel agency (flights, hotels, ...) called voyages sncf who launches this advertising campaign.

Locate Photo on PaB DP map


Gerald England said...

I'm a bit at a loss here -- are the railways advertising holidays in New York -- maybe they are in leugue with google?

Go to Google Maps and Get Directions fro New York to Toulouse -- don't stop when you get to instruction 21!

annulla said...

I enjoyed reading about this advertising campaign, so I send you greetings from Nouillorc, Nouillorc.