Thursday, May 31, 2007

Public Fountain #3

Annother public fountain, the third I know.
They all work and give a non drinkable water.

Do you have also public fountain in your city ?

Locate Photo on PaB DP map


~tanty~ said...

Interesting photo.
Have a nice weekend to you and your family.

Z said...

There are many fountains in Villigen, but none like this one. I have featured four so far, there are more that I'll show over the course of time.

Thanks for your visit to Villigen!

Bergson said...

with all these fountains Bazière will finish like town of water

isabella said...

Yes...but not for drinking!

Sally said...

pab: thanks for visiting me....I love my tiles too! To think they are 100 years old and still holding up so well.

julia said...

You found my little known blog.We have no fountains like that, water shortage is our problem - well, we are OK but many places are short of water