Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ecluse du sanglier - Wild boar lock

I continue to present the locker's houses of the "Canal du Midi" which are not far from Baziege.
As I explained previously every Saturday morning - sometimes at different day depending on weather conditions - I take my bike for a 30 km ride along the canal. It's always an opportunity to shoot some photos.
As you can see if you zoom in above the door, the date of building is written : "1752".
During the digging of the canal, a big big wild boar was shoot down at this place.

You will find here the solution of the quiz of the previous post.
In fact, it is a leak or water-jet from a lock door, I agree that it was not so easy, but I found that playing with saturation was funny.
Thanks to Gerald and Abraham to participate.

Locate Photo on PaB DP map


Anonymous said...

Incredibly nice old building with the shutters all in working order too. I like that. Also the date is remarkable for it looks younger than its years which must be a kind of testimant to the owners upkeep over the centuries.

Your long bike ride sounds good to me. I can make about 13 miles on our bike trail.

PaB said...

This building (locker house : I don't know if it is the right word) is still used during spring and summer when boats are allowed to cruise thz canal.