Saturday, May 05, 2007


Does somebody know what kind of duck it is ?
I will probably say "Colvert" in French or "Mallard" in English.
Numerous colonies are located on the "Canal du Midi".

This morning I met 2 other animals.
First a couple of goose walking (or it was during a love parade) on the bicycle path. I had to stop quickly but I got the opportunity to take a picture :

And last on the way back to home, I discovered the dead body of a sleeper (taupe in french).
Yes I understand that is not very joyful but it is, I guess, rare :

Locate Photo on PaB DP map


Nathalie said...

Non, non, pas un col vert, son col n'est pas vert du tout. C'est une autre espece. Demande à Abraham Lincoln, de Brookville daily photo, il est connait tout sur la faune sauvage; il te trouvera ca tout de suite.

Merci pour ta visite à Sydney.
Bon weekend!

Jing said...

and sad..
but nice to catch those animal friends....

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