Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Canal du Midi #1

This photo is the 1st of a cycle on the theme "Canal du Midi". The "Canal du Midi" is located near Baziège and part of UNESCO World Heritage List. This channel is a very important way of exchange for the whole southweth of France. You will find useful information here in French and in English.
The above picture shows the lock called "Ecluse de Négra", here on Google Maps. You will see tomorrow something special about the lock keeper house.

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Anonymous said...

This is a nice photograph and peaceful too. I like the colors and the dark green grass looks so lush. We used to have canals here where I live, but they were filled in and abandoned. We also used to have trains but the tracks were torn up and the roadbeds became bike trails in our area. Seems like we could use some lessons in maintaining history. I do envy you your past.

Abraham Lincoln